HH. ELO Wellness. ELO Weigh Out.

We are re-imagining and renovating our nature-immersed mountain venues.

We are now offering ELO Wellness retreats based on a philosophy developed by Sandra Lopez Savard, our Founder.

Sandra’s Heart Healers Program is infused throughout all our wellness retreats. The lotus in ELO symbolizes the renewing of your heart.

We offer Heart Healers (HH) Weekends. The ELO Wellness Retreats run for  3-14 days.


Mountainview Country House - The Lodge
Mountainview Country House - The Lodge

Our Guiding Philosophy 



Embracing the connection of spirit, heart, mind and body and nurturing all aspects of the self.



Blossoming from the experiences which once wounded me and attaining peak emotional well-being.



Honouring my body with self-care practices such as active living, clean eating and play.


Our Guiding Philosophy

Our Guiding Philosophy


Renewing my mind so I can play, dream, create and craft my best life.


Healing my heart so I can blossom from the experiences which once wounded me.


Nurturing my spirit, soul and body well, so I can live a happy and healthy life to 100.


We’re being transformed and we’d love to share our journey with you.

Let’s stay connected.

My Personal Journey Back to Wellness

Ironically, it was the COVID restrictions of the last year(s) that forced me to stop, pause and reflect.
It’s a serious wake-up call when your house is in better shape than your body. 
I am a happy wife and mother as well as a successful Entrepreneur, Life Coach and CEO. So how did I get here?
I kept trading self-care for my big wins.
After having been a nationally recognized Dietitian, Weight Loss Specialist and Certified Fitness Instructor for over 30 years, it is humbling to face the state of my body.
I know what I need to jumpstart my journey to better health but I don’t want to travel halfway around the world for a spa or retreat.
I long to reboot, refocus and refuel.
Do you yearn for the same?
My husband and son began dreaming of a winery and organic farming so we combined our passions an ELO Winery & Lodge was born.
You can follow our journey as we build our dream. The Tiny Winery will be on our WIN 365 TV Youtube channel and social media channels  soon.
Thankfully, this pause helped me see that all the elements of my career path, personal struggles and triumphs were indeed purposeful and have given me the insight to create something meaningful and sustainable for others.
I invite you to join me on this journey as we build the dream.

Sandra Lopez Savard, Creator of ELO

CEO, the Win Group